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The Bawah ultimate guide to planning the perfect wedding

Ultimate guide to wedding planning and wedding collections at Bawah Reserve

First off – CONGRATULATIONS! You are getting married and that is something to celebrate in bold. Of course, with so many decisions to make whilst planning your wedding, we thought we’d help take some of the stress out of it with our list of top 10 wedding planning tips, sourced from online experts.


Now you can stop the endless online searches and find all you need here in one place - leaving you more time to spend together looking forward to your big day.

wedding couple on the beach at Bawah Reserve Indonesia
1) Meeting


“Sit down with your partner and determine what the three

most important aspects of your wedding will be.” Brides

First things first! Plan your initial partnership meeting. Yes, that’s right, whenever you start a big project at work you often meet with the stakeholders and this big celebration is no different. Set aside
some time to sit with your partner to discuss what you BOTH want. From the venue to honeymoon, from guest lists to cakes. Talk it through and decide on your top priorities for each of you.

2) Planning

Now to create a list. Get it all down on paper or on your tablet, clear your heads and map out all your ideas into a wish list and to-do list.  Whilst it may seem daunting at first, creating an organized plan
allowing you to keep track, is actually the first step to simplifying the rest of the process. One Fab day has a handy checklist you can download, as do the awesome experts at Wedding Hashers

But if you prefer good old fashioned pen and paper – then check out this list from The Knot of handy wedding planner books

3) Budgets

Not the most exciting topic but nonetheless an important one. Sort out your budget right at the start and it will help you make smart choices as you plan. You can then take a look at your agreed-upon top three priorities from your initial meeting and allocate the right budget to make sure these are just what you hoped for– before working on the rest of the items from there. It is always important to pay close attention to add-on expenses, these little items can start to add up. The more a venue includes into your
total package the better.  The editor of Bridal Musings shares an excellent budget spreadsheet here.

4) Guest List

boat house bawah reserve great wedding venue

Whether it’s determined by the previous budget planning or simply because you only want a small group of close friends and family, it’s good to plan your guest list as soon as you can. Many venues offer
packages based on a certain number of guests and knowing this in advance will help with your budgeting.  You can either find a venue based on your guest numbers or chose your venue and create your guest list according to the size of the celebration packages the venue offers.

Wedding collections here at Bawah Reserve for example start from just two people (elopement) to smaller groups of eight up to 48 guests with a maximum of just under 100 guests. 

5) Venue

Bawah Reserve drone shot - wedding destintation


“Your venue. Your party space has the ability to set  your wedding's tone,

which is why choosing your site wisely is absolutely imperative.

No pressure, right?” Martha Steward Weddings 

Selecting your wedding venue is very exciting – it’s the first part of wedding planning where you really get to think creatively and can begin to ‘visualise’ your wedding.

How does your dream venue match you as a couple and will you look back fondly on this wonderful celebration day and feel grateful to the location that made the magic happen. 

Our top five tips to think about – location, availability, cost, size, aesthetics.


6) Catering

wedding private dinner table setting at Bawah Reserve


“When it comes to weddings, food and drink is often anticipated,

sometimes mediocre, and almost always one of the

priciest parts of your day.” Wedding Ideas Mag


Make sure you get good quality and value when it comes to the food and beverages served at your wedding. Plus fresh and tasty food will make all your guests happy. It will ease your mind if a venue can ensure your brothers vegan girlfriend and Aunt Lisa with the peanut allergy will be accommodated for as well. You will no doubt want to enjoy the meal (maybe a few bites between festivities) so be sure to select something you love. Maybe you go for tapas and Sangria – don’t be afraid to mix it up. This A-Z list of ideas from Wedding Ideas Magazine should help.

7) Cake

Couple cutting wedding cake at Bawah Reserve

Cake or no cake – that is the question. The editors at Bridal Guide have pondered this too

"Do I Really Need to Have a Wedding Cake?" Bridal Guide and the answer is completely your call. Do both you and your partner want to have a cake? Or are mini cupcakes more your thing?  Maybe your venue offers this in the package? Bawah Reserve packages all include either a single, double, or four-tier cake depending on the size of your party and the tiers can vary in flavour if you each have a favourite.
If it is a budget issue why not consider doing it yourself and saving on the costs.  Thank Country Living for these recipes.

8) Photographer

newly wed couple wedding at Bawah Reserve Indonesia

It’s worth investing some time in choosing the right photographer as this is the person who will capture your special moments and day(s) of celebration. Sure, your friends and family will snap some lovely shots but you want to be sure that as many of the moments of the day are captured so you can look back and relish in the memories. We love looking at all the different styles and would encourage you to do this too. Try searching for #WeddingPhotography on Instagram and get an idea for what you like. Maybe even create a Pinterest board to show potential photographers the kind of shots you are
looking for. There are 1000s of posts there to help you decide.
We love https://www.wildbohoweddings.com/ if you are in Australia or even just for some inspiration.
For destination weddings and pre-wedding photoshoots, we also like www.multifolds.com.sg


9) Outfits

bride and groom on beach

For some heading into their wedding what you will be wearing is one of the biggest decisions while for others they will rely on heirloom outfits or whatever they feel most comfortable in. What should you consider before selecting your wardrobe?  Say yes to the dress or suit?
We love how Her World took tips from actual brides – freshly wed and talking from experience.

Brides magazine has some debonair choices for men’s wedding suits depending on the destination and style of the wedding. 

For those same-sex couples here are some styling tips from Martha Stewart.

What you decide to wear can be determined to some extent by your venue and the seasonal temperatures. Actually, for a destination beach wedding, you may decide to go more casual whereas for a more traditional dress check out this idea from Pallas Couture

10) Honeymoon

honeymoon couple on beach at sunset

Bawah Reserve has pulled together a fabulous guide to planning the perfect honeymoon. Whether it’s romance or adventure you are looking for, or perhaps a bit of each, work through this step-by-step guide to get to the best solution for both of you.

Enjoy planning your special day!


About us:

Enveloped in nature, Bawah Reserve is an ideal paradise for destination weddings, combining an earth-focused philosophy with refined elegance representing the very best in barefoot luxury. With just
thirty-six sustainably made suites, the exclusive resort offers a sensational private island experience in a remote, untouched part of Indonesia with three lagoons, six islands, thirteen beaches, and one- hundred hectares of forests.

A wedding at Bawah Reserve affords couples the opportunity to give their guests the gift of a spectacular holiday in concert with the celebration of their union. Couples will enjoy a worry-free wedding and spend quality time with friends and family, enjoying delectable meals, nature activities
and restorative spa treatments, all included in the daily rate.


Wedding Collections – Signature Wedding & Vow Renewal Experiences:

Coral – Perfect for couples who want to elope and get away from it all,  the Coral Collection is exclusively offered for wedding couples, including three nights in an Overwater Bungalow, an Aura Spa Explorer Experience, private island dinner with a personal chef and server, bottle of wine, and single-tier wedding cake.

Azure – Great for an intimate setting and micro-weddings, the Azure Collection is for a wedding couple and eight guests, including three nights in a Tented Beach Suite, a three-course rehearsal dinner
at Tree Tops restaurant, a Javanese Rijsttafel wedding dinner, and a single-tier wedding cake.

Copper – Ideal for a wedding couple and small group of 18 friends/family, the Copper Collection
includes three nights in an Overwater Bungalow, a four-course rehearsal dinner at Tree Tops restaurant, seafood and meat cuts  BBQ wedding dinner at The Boat House, a two-tier wedding cake, and a premium beverage package.

Emerald – For couples looking to celebrate in a big way surrounded by loved ones, the Emerald Collection is for a wedding couple and 48 guests, including three nights in a Two-bedroom Pool
Villa for the wedding party, an Aura Spa Explorer Experience, a sunset cruise on Bawah Flyer
Yacht with champagne and canapes for 15 guests, an Indonesian BBQ and cultural show rehearsal dinner at The Boat House, a five-course wedding reception dinner at Tree Tops restaurant, a four-tier wedding cake and a premium beverage package.


Our wedding team is ready and waiting to help you plan your perfect wedding.




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