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When is the best time of year to visit Bawah Reserve?

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How to get to Bawah Reserve

Our faraway paradise is well worth the journey!

There are many ways to get to Bawah, be...

Wishing you both a happy wedding anniversary!

wedding anniversary gift ideas for every year

Anniversaries are special! Whether you’ve been together one year or 50, there’s no better way to
celebrate your wedding anniversary than with an escape to our remote paradise for an indulgent anniversary getaway. Our unique anniversary experiences are designed to enhance romance and commemorate your wonderful years together! 

Are you thinking about how to surprise your partner on your anniversary – or wondering what the best gift for your marriage anniversary is? Don’t worry! We have searched the world to find you the best wedding anniversary gift ideas. And while there are no strict rules for anniversary gifts – in the end, it’s all about individual taste – it may be a nice idea to follow the traditional wedding anniversary gift themes.  

So, here are some creative gift ideas for wedding anniversary milestone years from 1 to 60, along with some unique Bawah experiences to delight your partner during your memorable getaway.

No need to scroll either - just click on the year you are celebrating and bingo...



First Anniversary: Paper

Our seed paper bookmarks make the perfect first year wedding anniversary gift. Made from 100% recycled paper and embedded with spinach seeds, use them to mark your place for your holiday reading – and then, when you get home, plant your bookmark and watch your spinach grow!

2nd Anniversary: Cotton


A Peshtemal towel, or fouta, is a stylish and eco-friendlier alternative to thicker, heavier cotton towels. Woven by expert weavers from cotton fabric of the highest quality, they come in a range of beautiful colours and will dry in less than half the time of a normal beach towel.  

3rd Anniversary: Leather

Leather journal for journaling wellbeing anniversary gift 4th wedding anniversary

To chronicle your magical memories, why not gift your beloved with a beautiful leather journal? A journal like this will be a wonderful keepsake.

4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

Floating Breakfast SUP Stand Up Paddle Board

Why not indulge in a floating breakfast adorned with fruit and flowers on a wooden paddleboard in our lagoon? We can make it happen!

5th Anniversary: Wood


Upgrade to one of our romantic Overwater Bungalows for a couple of nights. Their extended wooden decks and private steps into the lagoon are the perfect place to spend quality couple time.

6th Anniversary: Candy or Iron


Admittedly, they feature neither candy nor iron – but we do have six islands to explore, one for each year of your marriage. Take a sunset cruise around these fabulous islands and drink a toast to your love.

7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper


Unwind with a glass of champagne in a rose petal bath in one of our suite's beautiful copper bathtubs.

8th Anniversary: Bronze

Soak your feet in the bronze footbaths at Aura Spa and then enjoy a relaxing hour of reflexology together. Here is a little preview.


9th Anniversary: Pottery


Why not sip your favourite coffee or tea together from a special tea or coffee set?


10th Anniversary: Tin or Aluminium

Make a list of your beloved’s favourite things, and then fill ten tin or aluminium containers with them. Perhaps some precious tea, coffee, spices, essential oils, or the chocolates they crave; a jar of wild honey, a small tin of solid cologne or a hand-poured candle – each item can be a thoughtful reflection on both your partner’s individuality and your special union.


11th Anniversary: Steel

Cocktail lovers could use this symbolic year to upgrade their mixology skills with this
stylish bar set and look forward to another wonderful decade of mixing and sharing cocktails together. Get inspired with some of our signature Bawah cocktails!

12th Anniversary: Silk or Linen

Be the best-dressed couple on your tropical anniversary trip in your new linen outfits.
Made from flax, linen is a sustainable, plant-based fibre. Breathable, natural, cool and comfortable, linen is the perfect choice for sun-kissed days and sultry nights.

13th Anniversary: Lace

While we don’t have a particular lace recommendation, we do have 13 beautiful private beaches – one for each year of your wedded life! Why not island-hop your way around Bawah Reserve and celebrate each year at a different beach?

14th Anniversary: Theme – Wellbeing

Aura_wellbeing_sign_wood copy
Though ivory was the traditional 14th-anniversary gift, that’s no longer an option. Gold jewellery is sometimes given – or what about a morning at the Aura Spa, where our knowledgeable therapists will give you that golden glow of wellbeing? You’ll start with a body awakening scrub, followed by a Balinese ritual body wrap and finishing with a natural oil massage that will leave you gleaming for the rest of the day.

15th Anniversary: Crystal

Cruise in our transparent two-person kayak around the crystal-clear (see what we did
there?) lagoons of Bawah Reserve.  While you’re at it, why not add on a private picnic at Turtle Beach, too?

16th Anniversary: Coffee or Tea

Get your caffeine fix and join one of our barista coffee classes and learn how to roast, grind and brew like a pro. 

17th Anniversary: Wine or Spirits

To choose your 17th wedding anniversary gift, visit our wine cellar to find the perfect
bottle for a sunset cruise.


18th Anniversary: Appliances

Somehow, appliances just don’t say romance to us. Take a more modern approach and
treat yourselves to a couple’s Pamper and Glow package from Aura Spa. What a fabulous
way to celebrate your 18th wedding anniversary! 

19th Anniversary: Jade

Our Yin and Yang ritual facial will enhance collagen production and boost your skin’s structural integrity. This toning treatment incorporates jade stone therapy, right from the
scalp down to the décolletage. An infused mask firms while the stone imparts protective
minerals to leave the skin plumper and more radiant.


20th Anniversary: China


Indulge in a spectacular anniversary dinner under the stars on your own private island!
With a private chef on hand, you will dine on a delectable five-course meal – served on fine china by your own waiter.


21st Anniversary: Theme – Fire

Enjoy a sizzling barbecue in the comfort of your own suite. Imagine a table under the stars, a private chef grilling your steak and fish, and a selection of your favourite salads.

22nd Anniversary: Theme – Water

After more than two decades together, why not try something different? If you’ve never scuba-dived together, this will be a whole new experience! Get up close and personal with Bawah’s spectacular marine life, always under the safe guidance of a qualified instructor. 

23rd Anniversary: Theme – Air

image2 (3) Kiss Couple lookout hike
Get out into the fresh air with a sunset hike along one of Bawah’s three, well-marked forest trails. They lead to magnificent lookouts, where you will be rewarded with commanding views of the coastline, Coconut Beach, the imposing Batu Tokong and surrounding islands. 

24th Anniversary: Musical Instrument

Purchase a couple of surprise tickets to an upcoming performance by one of your
favourite musicians, bands or orchestras. Or – if you think they’d be up for it! – get your beloved some singing, guitar, piano or even didgeridoo lessons.

25th Anniversary: Silver

A silver jubilee is a wonderful milestone. Select a photo from each of your 25 years together to create a photo book of your love story.

26th Anniversary: Art

Join one of our absorbing batik art lessons. You’ll learn the process of traditional
Indonesian plant-based wax dyeing, along with the basic principles of the craft, using a canting pen and other traditional tools. Afterwards, you’ll have a unique work of art to take home!

27th Anniversary: Music

Indonesian Dance 5
Our Indonesian culture evenings are vibrant with music and dance. Revel in a star-studded night on the beach under the stars, celebrating the years and perhaps trying your hand at the gamelan.

28th Anniversary: Linen

Sleep is such a vital part of our health and wellbeing! Enjoy a beautiful night’s sleep on a
set of new, sustainable bed linen.


29th Anniversary: Tools

Be inspired by a tour through our bountiful permaculture gardens to envision what you could achieve in your own garden. To go with that, a gift of gardening tools might help turn your patch of earth into a blooming garden.


30th Anniversary: Pearls

couple_sitting_woman_hand_pearl_ring_resting_on_beach_driftwood (3)
Visit our Six Island Trading Post to choose a beautiful pearl necklace, bracelet or ring
that will make the perfect 30-year wedding anniversary gift.

31st Anniversary: Travel


Given that you are already away on holiday, how about a souvenir of your travels? All
guests get to take home the unique name signs hanging outside their doors. Our team will
even wrap them for your departure.


32nd Anniversary: Bronze

Singing Bowls at the wellbeing centre Aura

The chimes of bronze singing bowls ease away your tension as you enjoy a soothing
couple’s massage at our Aura Spa. Skilled therapists start and end every massage with
these melodic tones.


33rd Anniversary: Iron


We think our pastry chefs at Bawah are “Iron Chef” quality! Let them help to create the perfect wedding anniversary cake design for you. Just get in touch with us before your trip, let us know your favourite flavours – and we will make it happen!


34th Anniversary: Food

Sunset dining on jetty-1
We take romantic dining experiences seriously at Bawah and have several creative ways
for couples to eat, love and enjoy.

35th Anniversary: Coral

Couple Marine dive coral conservation

Gorgeous coral is the traditional gift for a 35th wedding anniversary, which is why the occasion is known as the Coral Anniversary – but of course we don’t advocate gifting coral! Instead, join us on a conservation dive to plant some coral as part of our natural reef restoration projects. And on every subsequent anniversary, we will send you a picture of the progress of your coral.


36th Anniversary: Antiques

By now, you likely have all the furniture you need! So, instead of purchasing yet another ornamental gift, you could surprise your partner with a romantic evening at the place of your first date. It will be fun to see how much it has – or hasn’t – changed over the years. Or, if that’s not possible, book a weekend away to wherever you took your first couple’s trip.


37th Anniversary: Books

Books Library

Visit our Wallace Library to browse its interesting collection, or purchase an island-themed
book to remind you of your anniversary getaway.

38th Anniversary: Theme – Luck

You are already so lucky to have found someone to share your life with. Why not give
your partner a lottery ticket with the date of your wedding?


39th Anniversary: Theme – Laughter

Your trip to Bawah will deliver a multitude of memories, experiences and moments
involving loads of laughter and fun.  (In a worst-case scenario, our General Manager Raymond could tell you a joke.)


40th Anniversary: Ruby

Rubies symbolise passion, so a ruby wedding anniversary gift should indulge a couple’s hearts’ desires. Write your beloved a letter to remind them why you love them.


41st Anniversary: Office or Desk Décor

bawah_batch_3_12 Writing Desk Deluxe Beach Suite
Why limit yourself to office décor when you could gift a whole new workspace experience
with a Bawah Workcation package? Our stunning views and multiple locations mean that
creativity and inspiration are sure to flow!


42nd Anniversary: Home

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, what better way to celebrate your love than by doing
an Indonesian cooking class together? You’ll make some authentic dishes and learn how to
spice things up with a homemade sambal.

43rd Anniversary: Theme – Entertainment


Be entertained under the stars with our outdoor cinema experience!  Let us know if there is
a special film you would like to see, and we will do our best to get it for you. 


44th Anniversary: Theme – Electronics

Could it be time to go digital with a new digital photo frame? Even while you’re enjoying your holiday, you can email images directly to your frame so that your memories will be waiting for you when you get home.


45th Anniversary: Sapphire


Sapphire is the traditional 45th wedding anniversary gift, and it just so happens that our
lagoons have been described as “three sapphire lagoons”. So, sailing the sapphire blue
waters of Bawah would be an appropriate way to celebrate your amazing 45 years together.


46th Anniversary: Games

For a memorable interlude on one of our beautiful, soft sandy beaches, you could learn the
local game of sepak takraw. Or while away an afternoon in the Grouper Bar with a
celebratory drink and a board game! 

47th Anniversary: Garden or Plants

Permaculture Nature Garden Water
Take a fascinating guided walking tour to discover our organic and ecological
permaculture gardens. You’ll learn about the recycling and pioneering farming practices
that allow us to grow such fresh and delicious organic produce.   

48th Anniversary: Theme – Home Improvement

Treetops from above
Go on a  guided walk around the resort to learn all about its unique architectural design –
and perhaps pick up a few tips for bringing a touch of island paradise to your own home,

49th Anniversary: Copper

copper_bath_tub_side_wall_painting_with_shower_faucet_bamboo_towel_ladder_overwater_suite (2)-1
Copper was one of your two seventh anniversary themes, too – but that was 42 years ago!
So, relax with a couple’s spa treatment featuring a rejuvenating body scrub and a soak in our beautiful copper bathtub.


50th Anniversary: Gold 

14 - Stargazing on the jetty
For your Golden Wedding Anniversary, enjoy a beautiful golden sunset over Bawah
followed by a memorable private dining experience.

51st Anniversary: Photos or Cameras

Here are some top tips to help capture special anniversary memories – both above and
below the water!

52nd Anniversary: Bath or Spa


Hike, kayak, hike or take a boat ride to one of the Spa Explorer pavilions strategically dotted across our six islands to provide idyllic views and relaxing, natural, al fresco surroundings.  Be soothed by the sounds of lapping waters and tropical bird song as you enjoy your idyllic outdoor spa experience


53rd Anniversary: Plastic

Join our sustainability team on a  beach clean-up!  Help clear our oceans by collecting any
plastic and other rubbish washed up on our beautiful beaches. 

54th Anniversary: Glass


Wine Glass Candle crafts
Why not save a wine bottle to make this beautiful candle when you get home?

55th Anniversary: Emerald

Our lush verdant forests are alive with every imaginable shade of green, including emerald.
Enjoy some meditative time together practising the art of forest bathing, or shinrin-yoku.
Put simply, forest therapy means being present in a forest and taking in the forest
atmosphere through all of one’s senses. Not simply a walk in the woods – though that’s therapeutic, too – it is the conscious and contemplative practice of being immersed in the sights, sounds and smells of the verdant forest. 


56th Anniversary: Theme – Day


Spend the whole day on a private beach: frolic in the ocean, lounge in the shade of the
bale, enjoy a delicious picnic – just you and your sweetheart.


57th Anniversary: Theme – Night

Stars night sky stargazing

How about a stargazing adventure?  With no interference from light pollution, Bawah
Reserve is a great place for appreciating the night sky in all its glory. The activities team
at Bawah Reserve holds nightly stargazing sessions on the beach and on the jetty, where
you can see the heavenly bodies up close through our telescope.


58th Anniversary: Theme – Faith and Hope

Hope for a better future for our planet is something we work towards daily at Bawah
Reserve – and we hope you will too. Come and experience how easy and rewarding it is
to be Earth-first. Bawah will change you.


59th Anniversary: Theme – Charity

School girls 4 Bawah Anambas FOundation English Classes

Since 2018, the Anambas Foundation has been running several programmes to support
communities, improve the lives of villagers and conserve the environment around the
Anambas Islands. If you would like to help, rest assured that 100% of your offline
donation (using the bank details provided below) will go directly to supporting the programmes. Not a single cent is used for administrative or operational costs.

We hope these creative suggestions inspire you to commemorate another year together in a
special and memorable way. And if you are able to join us at Bawah Reserve, we will do our
utmost to ensure the celebratory holiday of your dreams.



Want to wish someone a happy anniversary? A gift voucher is a great way to send wedding
anniversary wishes or anniversary gifts for parents, grandparents or friends. It’s simple: select
your card, choose its value, and then share the gift. 

 Cheers to your special day! Here’s wishing you many more years of true love, happiness and


Start Your Journey



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